Kamis, 03 Maret 2016

J E A L O U S?

Here I am, jealous again over the person who isn't even mine.
This jealousy just sucks because sometimes you have no reason at all to be or...sometimes you just don't have the right to be.

I saw you laugh with her
But it was fine
It was supposed to be fine
She was my friend
She was your friend
Not anything else
But, the one that worst is knowing that we are "just friend" too
Right? So why my heart couldn't accept it?
So why you are never realize me than?
What i am afraid of is about you are falling in love with me, another dude
Than i just want to keep you in front of me, so i could see whatever you do, whatever you see, whoever you talk to
I don't know, why i could be jealous over like that
My heart just said, maybe because its you
Because i feel like you are different
Because i feel like you are just unique
Because everything you do just awesome
So here are some of my madness mind(?)

I’m jealous, I’m possessive. I’m not ashamed to admit it. But now I find myself jealous of more than just another person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m jealous of her. Now I’m jealous of so much more…

I’m jealous of your bed because it gets to greet you after a long day and stays with you when you don’t feel like being a human, instead of me. I’m jealous of your blankets because they get to wrap around you at night to keep you safe and warm, instead of my arms. I’m jealous of your phone because it gets to feel the careful ministrations of your fingers and it’s always safe in your hands. I’m even jealous of the music you listen to because it is there for you when you’re bored, or sad, or so empty inside that nothing but the words of the songs you love can fill you back up. So when I say I’m jealous, it’s not just that I’m jealous of her, I’m jealous of anything and everything that occupies the moments of your time.

LOL OKAY? Hahaha thats my abstract mind guys, thats not important anymore hehehehe and sorry for my broken grammar(?)

NB : Btw, doakan uts  kali ini yaaaapppsss, udah memasuki masa2 ujian2 yang melelahkan banget niiihhhh, tiap minggu bakalan ada ujian terus, tugas tetap aja, kegiatan padat mele, unit terus lanjut fufufufu doakan semoga semester 2 ini bisa jauuuuuuuhhhh lebih baik, okay?! BYE :*

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